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Our Firm


Jeruchim & Davenport is a general practice law firm specializing in criminal and civil litigation.  We are committed to representing our clients in all areas of litigation and have extensive courtroom and jury trial experience throughout all of the courts in Massachusetts.

Our criminal defense jury trial experience sets us apart from other firms.  We have successfully defended our clients at trial at every jurisdictional level--District Courts, Boston Municipal Courts, Superior Courts and Federal Court--and for charges ranging all the way up to first degree murder.

Our lawyers are Aviva Jeruchim and Paul Davenport.  Combined, they have decades of courtroom experience litigating their cases before judges and juries throughout Massachusetts. 


Jeruchim & Davenport is located at 50 Congress Street in the Financial District of Boston,  The firm is a member of the Suffolk Lawyers for Justice, Boston Bar Association, Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and Criminal Justice Act Panel.

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